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     The vision at Bethel Christian church is two-fold: know God, make Him known to others. How do we as a fellowship best carry out this mandate? I believe it is best accomplished together through the platform of small groups. Now, more than ever the church needs to become a place where Christ-followers can safely travel the path to maturity by following clear biblical guideposts.


     Small gatherings of believers have been the building block of the Christian church from the beginning. The Early Church had the deepest community the world has ever seen because while loving and serving each other while they were following Jesus, deep and authentic community was the natural result.


     Small groups become the place where believers connect which each other beyond the normal pleasantries offered by the world as real relationship. It is when small groups of believers begin to walk with each other through the realities of life, encouraging and holding each accountable, that true fellowship begins and deepens and spiritual maturity becomes a reality. By fulfilling the biblical mandate to become Christ-like, believers will live their lives walking side by side with Jesus, allowing His Spirit to permeate every area of their lives, and hold a burden to introduce others to Christ.




     It is our goal at Bethel to fulfill Ephesians 4:12-13 which is to build up each believer until they reach full maturity in Christ (fulfillment doesn’t happen until heaven). We believe that our small groups should be first and foremost about discipleship. And how wonderful that the by-product of committing to discipleship is that friendships form and deepen in a biblical community.










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