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A Word from Kate Cormier

“He’s walking!! He’s walking!!” said one child as she watched a video of when Peter and John told the lame man in front of the temple, “In Jesus’ name, get up and walk!”

After reading about Paul in prison and how he was not afraid because he knew Jesus would take care of him, I asked the class, “Would you be scared if you were there?” One child immediately shook his head “no” (along with a few others).  I asked, “Why wouldn’t you be scared?” and he replied, “Because I know Jesus would take care of me”.

“Jesus died so I could live!” said another child recently.

These are just a few examples of the kind of faith and excitement for the Lord that the children in Bethel’s Children’s Church come to exhibit.  Children’s Church is so crucial for young children, as it is this age group that tends to be most receptive to the Gospel.  According to an article titled, “Ministry to Children” by Tony Kummer, Children’s Church can promote happiness, can help children make sense out of life, can help counter balance worldly influences, can help them learn to love others, can help them want to come to church, can help them make new friends, and on top of all of that… it is FUN!!!

In Children’s Church at Bethel, we worship by singing and dancing to children’s worship songs, at least one child prays before we eat snack, and every child prays at circle-time.  They listen to a Bible story (sometimes accompanied by a video), and then we do a craft or color a coloring page related to the story.  During our circle-time prayers, each child prays for something and/or someone and thanks God for something and/or someone.  The children have prayed for family members who are ill or injured, they have prayed for Jesus to heal their scraped knees and stuffy noses, they have prayed for each other, and they have thanked God for things all the way from moms and dads to the sea turtles and whales in the ocean!  If you have a loved one in Children’s Church, please make a point to read the Family Page that is on the back of every coloring page.  If you do not have a loved one in Children’s Church, we are always excited to have visitors!


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